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Music aficionados first noticed the name 4 Musics when the Mohanlal-starrer Oppam released. The movie had some good songs and it gave a career break to the four members — Jim Jacob, Biby Mathew, Eldhose Alias and Justin James — of the team. The foursome is happy that they could compose music for Mohanlal’s Villain directed by B. Unnikrishnan.

“This is our third project,” says Jim. Before Oppam, they did Just Married. In Villain, it is the Kandittum Kandittum… song that first captured the listeners’ attention. “There are four songs in the movie. The Kandittum Kandittum… song quickly caught the attention of people because its video has come out. Now, the movie has released and we are receiving a good response for the song Pathiye Nee… and the Villain promo song,” says Jim. Working for Villain has been an entirely different experience for the four.

They could make songs belonging to various genres and direct music legend K.J. Yesudas for the Kandittum… song.“Villain has an entirely different culture when compared to Oppam. Each song is different. First, we were asked to make a kind of song that the audience wouldn’t expect in a thriller movie. The outcome was the Kandittum… song. Then, they required a song set in Western orchestra mood and thus happened Pathiye Nee… Then, there is a stylish rock song sung by Shakthisree Gopalan and Niranj Suresh, and the Villain promo song done in club mood,” Jim explains the process.

Quiz him about the experience with Yesudas, he says, “That was a good experience. The recording was in Chennai. In the beginning, we were afraid as he is a senior person. It was on our recording day that his Padma Vibhushan announcement came out. So, he was happy. Also, he had listened to the song before and liked it. So, everything turned out well.”

Besides Villain, 4 Musics has two upcoming projects — Meezan and Sadrusya Vakyam 24:29. “Meezan is again a different project comprising songs in different genres such as Qawwali, folk and romantic,” says Jim.

It is their friendship and love for music that reflect in their songs. “Melody is our strength, but we all have an inclination towards a certain genre. If one likes Hip Hop, the other one likes Sufi. So, there is a good mix. When we did Oppam, Justin and Eldhose were abroad and we finalised the music over WhatsApp and Skype chats. While doing Villain, we all were here. So, it was interesting.”

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